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What is radiation?

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GREENTEST | GREENTEST ECO | Intelligent nitrate multimeter

GREENTEST/GREENTEST ECO series counter accurately test objects & environment in seconds, help you stay away from radiation. Greentest take control your safety!

Greentest/Greentest ECO: Evolutionary Device To Detect The Purity Of Food

To live a healthy life, people need to take care of their food intake. Every function of the human body is somehow related to the food items we eat. So, we need to make sure that the food items can offer health benefits to us. There are a few parameters that can help people to understand whether they are eating healthy or not, and one of the most important parameters is the presence of nitrate in the food item. Greentest/Greentest ECO is a revolutionary technology that can help people to deal with this issue and eat healthy to stay fit and chase the goals of their lives. 

What is Greentest/Greentest ECO?

Greentest/Greentest ECO 6 is a revolutionary product or technology which is developed by a group of highly knowledgeable people who understand the need to eat healthy. This technology helps users to measure nitrate in food items regardless of whether they are fruits, vegetables, fish, or meat. It allows users to inspect the health benefits of the food items they are eating by determining the nitrate amount in all those food items. Besides that, this revolutionary technology also allows users to take care of their water intake. Pure drinking water is a primary requirement of human living, but in this era of globalization and pollution, it is becoming hard to eat and drink pure. With this device, now people can be more conscious about what is going into their bodies in the form of food or water, and they can test duritate apa or the hardness of the water on their own. The technology is based on recent scientific reports and databases to offer precise measurements to the users. 

What does Greentest/Greentest ECO do? 

There are 3 main things offered by this latest top-notch technology. Though the offerings are quite different from each other, all of them have a single motive which is helping people to be healthy and fit by taking care of their food and water intake.

Test nitrate levels in food.

Nitrate is an essential element of our body, but just like any other element, it should be in a proper balance with all the other vitamins, enzymes, and elements we have in our bodies. Similarly, every food item has an ideal level of nitrate in them, but when the level exceeds, it contributes to an increased nitrate intake for us. According to studies and reports, nitrate is not broken by stomach acids, but this compound is broken by the human gut biome, which turns nitrate into nitrite. An increased amount of nitrite in the human body can contribute to severe health complications such as an increased risk of cancer, heart issues, metabolism, and immune issues, etc. Greentest/Greentest ECO 6 offers intelligent multimeters for nitrate that allows users to measure the amount of nitrate in the food items they are eating so that they not only can choose what to eat but also can keep a track of the nitrate level in the body. As it will allow users to test duritate apa within a few seconds, it will help people improve their overall health. 

Test your water

This technology helps users to avoid hard water by offering them the opportunity to test duritate apa on their own. The hardness of water is determined by the amount of dissolved magnesium and calcium in the water. According to recent scientific studies, hard water can be harmful to the human body, especially to human skin and hair. It can make your hair and skin dry and dull, and if someone continues drinking the hard water for a long period, it can cause severe skin issues. On the other hand, the increased amount of salt in hard water can cause kidney diseases such as kidney stones or kidney failure. In short,  the hardness of water indicates if the potential harmful materials and chemicals can dissolve in that water or not. To avoid drinking hard water, one needs to check the purity of water by using a reliable water purity meter.

Greentest/Greentest ECO 6 allows users to test duritate apa or the hardness of water so that they can drink pure water without any potential harmful material or chemical dissolved in it. Besides healthy food, pure drinking water is also needed to keep a person healthy and fit and also to reduce the risk of severe health-related issues. This advanced technology allows users to check the purity of water within 3 seconds so that they can understand whether the water is drinkable or not. Now, you can test duritate apa of water before drinking that

Check the radiation of food

Greentest has a military-grade radiation checker incorporated in it which allows users to check the radiation of food items. This radiation detector detects and instantly alerts users about all kinds of ionizing radiation in food, water, air, objects, and the environment. We all know that radiation can be harmful to human bodies and radiation in food items or water is not an exception. Not only this technology helps users to detect radiation, but also there is an incorporated technology that allows users to keep a track of the radiation dose with visual and audio alarms when dangerous levels are reached. There are ideal bars for radiation in different elements such as food, water, or the environment. This high-quality technology successfully helps users to understand and be conscious when the bar is crossed. 

How does the food detector detect food?

The food detector offered by Greentest/Greentest ECO can efficiently detect food items to check whether they are healthy or not. For example, an increased level of nitrate in a food item not only indicates that it is unhealthy for human bodies, but also indicates that the food item is not fresh enough to eat. However, to help people avoid food items with an increased rate of nitrate, the smart machine comes with the latest technology that makes it perfect for daily usage so that people can easily use this product to live a healthy lifestyle.

An incorporated database

The device comes with a database of the most common food items among 64 product types. This database is developed based on modern scientific studies. Here, users can choose the food item among the most common fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat items. This technology is developed in a way so that the machine can alert the user whenever the ideal or normal nitrate level exceeds the food item. The levels are enlisted depending on over 1000 top studies of leading laboratories using professional spectrometric equipment. Developers, while developing this device, kept in mind all the common food items so that nothing gets left out. By using this, users can check the nitrate level of their food intake and test duritate apa.

Easy-to-use interface

Developers made sure that it offers a user-friendly interface so that anyone can easily measure the amount of nitrate in their food consumption. Here is how the device is used

First, users need to open the tester

Now, they need to choose the food item from the catalog incorporated in the tester with an accurate database. 

Now, the probe needs to be plugged into the food item to get the results within a few seconds. In these few seconds, the technology detects the amount of nitrate in the food item and compares that with the database, which is already incorporated into the system of the device. If the device finds out that the nitrate level of the food item in which the probe is plugged in is way more than what is there in the database, it will instantly show that to the user.

After 3 seconds, the tester will show accurate results.

You can test duritate apa by using the same process.

It is just a matter of a few minutes, and anyone can do it without any hassles. Developers made sure that users don't need to face any kind of complications when they test duritate apa at the purity of the food items.

Quick and accurate results

Greentest/Greentest ECO offers quick and accurate results to consumers to avoid any kind of hazards. As mentioned before, the database is tailored depending on the most advanced laboratory tests, and there are no chances of faults and errors. 

Check the purity of the food items and water anywhere anytime

It allows users to check the nitrate level of their food items as well as the purity of the food and water they drink anywhere. It is a portable device that comes with a USB charger. Because of the amazing battery life of the device, users can use it to test duritate apa or the purity of food items for more than 20 hours. 

Greentest/Greentest ECO is an advanced device that is perfect for people who are conscious about their health and want to eat and drink healthy. This advanced device was developed to help people lead a healthy lifestyle. 


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The Greentest detector is a phenomenal device. Big fan of Greentest Eco series product. Nitrate and radiation level test were correct with significant reading. It already made back its cost.

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Greentest ECO 6 is excellent. Convenient and portable, responsive device. It is amazing that it can detect if any exceed radiation coming from seafood, which I have been concerns about.

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Simply The Best, every time i buy this product i end up giving it to someone dear to me.

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Established in 2006

Founded in Russia, developed the first-generation detector.
The device was designated as a professional testing tool by the Russian State Market Supervision Department in the same year.


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