Greentest Eco 6 Gold

The Intelligent multimeter for nitrate, radiation and water hardness detection


-Measures nitrates in 64 product types

-Measures nitrates in meat and fish products

-Tests water hardness

-Detects beta radiation

-Fast and accurate results in 3 seconds

-Has 2 super thin probes that do not leave marks on food

-User-Friendly Interface

-Portable and USB rechargeable

-Comes in a nice packaging with a storage pouch

-Has touch screen and 20 languages to choose from

-Bluetooth connection with Apple and Android

-Long battery life, USB rechargeable lithium ion 720mAh battery can provide up to 20 hours of use time.


Technical specifications

- Nitrate measurement range: 0 – 9999 mg/kg

- TDS measurement range: 0 – 999 ppm

- Background radiation measurement range: 0 – 9.99 µSv / h

- Measurement margin of error: <10%

- Dimensions: 122 x 52 x 14mm

- Weight: 90g

- TFT Colour display resolution: 320 x 240

- Power source: 720mAh battery; Additional power source: USB to mains power charger, USB charge current: 310mA; Power voltage range: 5V

- Usage time: Up to 20 hours (using fully charged 720 mAh battery on the default device settings)

- Operating temperature: 0 – +60 °С.


Model Number: Greentest Eco 6 Gold

Brand Name: Greentest

Min. Order: 10 Pieces

Payment Terms: Telegraphic Transfer (TT,T/T)

Country of Origin:  Designed by Greentest in Europe; Assembled in China


Lead Time: 5-10 days

Dimensions per Unit: 15× 15 × 4.2 Centimeters

Weight per Unit:  85 Grams

Units per Export Carton: 10

Export Carton Dimensions L/W/H: 18 × 17 × 45 Centimeters

Export Carton Weight: 3.3 Kilograms

portable handheld radiation detector/monitor | digital radiation geiger counter | Greentest Eco 6 Gold

Finding portable/handheld radiation detector/monitor? Greentest Eco 6 Gold is your best digital radiation geiger counter, which can fit in your pocket easily.

All About Top of the Line Radiation Geiger Counter with Portable Radiation Detector

In this article, we will be elaborating on a handheld radiation monitor that you can use for detecting radiation. These portable devices can also be used for other purposes like detection of explosives or poisoning.

Do you want to keep track of the amount of radiation you’re exposed to on the go? If so, you need a handheld radiation monitor. These devices let you measure radiation in real-time, which is a great way to stay safe while traveling. They’re also handy for testing your home and work environments for dangerous levels of radiation.

A portable radiation detector can be carried around to help determine the level of radiation coming from a radioactive object or material. A Digital Geiger counter is very accurate and can display readings in nanocuries per hour.

What is a Radiation Digital Geiger counter?

A Radiation Geiger counter (RGD or RPD) is an instrument that measures the amount of ionizing radiation in air, soil, and water by converting gamma particles into electrons. It can be operated by anyone with proper training. It provides the user with accurate readings in terms of counts per minute (CPM). It is used in nuclear medicine to determine the amount of trace radioactivity in a sample. With a Digital Geiger counter, you can diagnose certain diseases, such as cancer, and test for the presence of particular radiation sources in the environment.

A military-grade portable radiation detector analyses all forms of ionizing radiation in the air, water, food, and other objects, and the environment and instantly notifies you of the presence of these hazardous elements.

What Is the Difference between Portable and Handheld Radiation Monitors?

Portable Radiation Detector: A portable radiation detector is one of the most effective radiation detectors in finding radioactive fallout in food, liquid, soil, and water. It was initially developed to check for radioactive contamination in food particles. You can analyze low-activity samples quantitatively to check for radioactive contamination using shielding-sensitive gamma-ray detection through a portable radiation detector.

A 75 mm x 75 mm NA (Tl) portable radiation detector working at room temperature can match up to one liter of solid or liquid. The Sample Inspector makes use of the most sensitive room-temperature detection devices now on the market. It is simple to use and has a highly intuitive user interface. A portable radiation detector itself can be calibrated to the nuclides and configured to display measured activity and a pass or fail screen.

Handheld Radiation Monitor: A handheld radiation monitor is made primarily for field use and doesn’t require additional tools to function. They are still portable and carry their energy, software, detector, and display.

You may require a handheld radiation monitor for use outside of the lab that can withstand manual handling, have minimal power needs (so they endure), need little upkeep, can operate at room temperature (so you don't have to carry about bulky, pricey cooling equipment), and have the sensitivity you demand.

A detector unit and a smartphone running radiation spectroscopy software make up the compact, handheld radiation monitor device. The detection device and the phone are lightweight enough to be put into a belt pouch or a blazer pocket without hassle. The mobile app gives a simple, unambiguous readout of the radioactive dosage (activity) and detection of isotopes. Even a radiation source that gets covered can be recognized due to the ability of a handheld radiation monitor device to identify neutrons. You can get the results while using the phone's earpiece or speakers.

What Are the Features of a Radiation Digital Geiger counter?

A Radiation Geiger counter gadget consists of a Geiger-Muller tube that holds a noble gas at a virtually low pressure—possibly the lowest—usually helium or argon.

If the gas becomes conducive when a reasonably high voltage is applied, the electrical shift may indicate radiation. It can find gamma, beta, and all other types of radiation. A modern Digital Geiger counter employs halogen tubes, and these portable devices provide an improvement.

The ability to detect more ionizing radiation types, such as alpha, gamma, beta, and X-rays, is now possible even within the same unit. The features of a Digital Geiger counter is simple to use, has a common interface, and compatible with a range of additional accessories for a wireless rollback, rechargeable batteries, and extension poles to uphold good ALARA (as minimal as possible) standards.

How to use a Radiation Digital Geiger counter?

Here are some tips on how to use a radiation Geiger counter:

Choose the Appropriate Geiger counter Device: You will find types of Radiation Geiger counter instruments available today. You'll want to choose the one that is accurate for your needs and that corresponds with your level of concern. Some Digital Geiger counter models have adjustable measurements so that you can customize your readings accordingly.

Get Familiar with the Controls: Once you've chosen your portable radiation detector, ensure you understand the controls before using it. Each handheld radiation monitor unit has different features that will affect the readings you get. For example, some Radiation Geiger counter models have alarms that sound when radiation levels reach a dangerous level. Understanding how these features work will help you take advantage of a Radiation Geiger counter device when necessary.

Stay Safe when Using Your Device: When using a Radiation Geiger counter, always wear protective clothing such as a full face mask if possible, and stay away from high doses of radiation! As long as you follow these simple precautions, using a Radiation Geiger counter should be safe and help keep you safe from harmful radiation exposure.

What Are the Test Methods and Standards?

Ionizing and non-ionizing radiations comprise the two forms of radiation. The energy of non-ionizing radiation, including microwaves, is sufficient to move atoms around but not to remove their electrons and alter their chemical makeup. On the other hand, ionizing radiation can deprive atoms of their potent electrons, a process called ionization. An ion pair, consisting of a positively charged atom and a negatively charged electron, is created, as a result.

The ionization process is used by a radiation Geiger counter to monitor and detect radiation. The chamber of the gadget contains a steady gas. This gas ionizes when subjected to radioactive particles. It causes an electrical charge to be generated, which the counter records for 60 seconds.

A speaker sounds and reading gets displayed when ionization occurs and the current is generated. The relevant reading is frequently in millisieverts (mSv). Several kinds of radioactive particles, also known as alpha, beta, or gamma radiation, are responsible for ionization. A Digital Geiger counter, however, is unable to distinguish between various radiation types.

What Are the Product Functions?

There are a variety of things that a Digital Geiger counter can be used for, including monitoring the environment, detecting illegal substances, and tracing the source of radioactive materials. Additionally, a portable radiation detector can be used to detect cancerous cells and locate tumors.

What Are Product Benefits?

The main benefit of this product is that it has high sensitivity and accuracy which can be used in hospitals or clinics to detect specific types of radioactivity including beta rays, gamma rays and alpha particles.

The following are some advantages of using handheld radiation monitor device:

A radiation Geiger counter can stop nuclear mishaps by continuously reporting radiation levels. Since radiation is invisible, it is impossible to determine if a location's radiation levels are dangerous.

A portable radiation detector is used to guarantee security in all procedures involving handling radioactive particles.

Because of its high sensitivity, the readings of a handheld radiation monitor are typically accurate.

A Digital Geiger counter can be very supportive in maximizing the potential of nuclear energy so that it can get completely tapped for the benefit of human society.

What Are Product Specifications?

A Geiger-Müller tube—the sensor component that detects radiation—and the processing electronics that show the result constitute a Digital Geiger counter. A high voltage gets delivered to the Geiger-Müller tube, which is loaded with an inert gas—such as neon, helium, or argon—at low pressure.

Where to Buy a Radiation Monitor?

While many nations throughout the world provide different models of a radiation Geiger counter, Greentest provides the superior and cutting-edge Digital Geiger counter.

Your experience will be streamlined by our research and development crew thanks to its adaptable workflow and highest caliber radiation prevention innovations. We at Greentest Technology have developed high-quality ECO 6 gold products that make radiation detection much more convenient.

If you have any questions about the cost of our brand-new portable radiation detector, you can email us. We offer our handheld radiation monitor equipment at a competitive price.


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portable handheld radiation detector/monitor | digital radiation geiger counter | Greentest Eco 6 Gold

Finding portable/handheld radiation detector/monitor? Greentest Eco 6 Gold is your best digital radiation geiger counter, which can fit in your pocket easily.

Check the radiation of food

Greentest has a military-grade radiation checker incorporated in it which allows users to check the radiation of food items. This radiation detector detects and instantly alerts users about all kinds of ionizing radiation in food, water, air, objects, and the environment. We all know that radiation can be harmful to human bodies and radiation in food items or water is not an exception. Not only this technology helps users to detect radiation, but also there is an incorporated technology that allows users to keep a track of the radiation dose with visual and audio alarms when dangerous levels are reached. There are ideal bars for radiation in different elements such as food, water, or the environment. This high-quality technology successfully helps users to understand and be conscious when the bar is crossed.

Easy-to-use interface

The radiation detector offered by the Green test is extremely easy to use as developers have eliminated all the complications from the user interface of the device. Besides that, it can be easily connected through Bluetooth to iOS or Android devices. This portable geiger radiation detector comes with a 720mAh battery that offers over 20 hours of use time. These features make this device perfect for traveling purposes as well.

Greentest Eco 6 Gold
Various Detectable Objects
The Greentest devices have the database that contains the most common fruit and vegetables, as well as fish and meat products. It is calibrated based on over 1000 studies of leading laboratories using professional spectrometric equipment.
Greentest Eco 6 Gold
Protect You From Nitrates
Nitrates are subsequently accumulated in the food product during production especially when mineral fertilizers are excessively used. Nitrates will eventually be converted into nitrites in the human body which occurs harmful and potential danger to health.
Greentest Eco 6 Gold
Who Need Nitrate Tester?
People who want to take better care of themselves and their loved ones.
People who pay attention to their food intake.
People who understand the problems associated with modern agricultural practices.
People who look for a caring gift for their loves.
Greentest Eco 6 Gold
Certified and Precise
The accuracy of the detection and the precision of the Greentest devices is ensured by the world’s leading laboratory test results. Permissible error is less than 10%.
What is Radiation Detector (Geiger Counter)?
A Geiger counter is a portable device used to detect and measure ionizing radiation. When radiation enters the Geiger counter, it ionizes the gas, causing a small electrical current to flow, which is detected and amplified by the processing circuit. The indicator shows the number of counts per minute, which is a measure of the radiation level.
Why do We Need Geiger Counter for Our Environment?
Measuring radiation in our daily life is important for identifying potential sources of radiation exposure and ensuring that we are not exposed to harmful levels of radiation. Portable Geiger counters are used in such as nuclear power plants, medical imaging, scientific research, and environmental monitoring. By using the portable Geiger counter, we can help to protect our health and the health of those around us from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation.
Drinking Water TDS Meter
The Greentest water testing TDS meter works by measuring the electrical conductivity of the water. When dissolved solids are present in drinking water, they increase the drinking water’s conductivity. The Greentest water testing TDS meter measures the electrical conductivity of the drinking water and then converts this measurement into a TDS reading in parts per million (ppm).
Why Do We Need Water Tester?
A TDS water tester is used to measure the concentration of total dissolved solids in water. It is useful for monitoring quality for drinking water, aquatic life, and hydroponics, as well as maintaining drinking water treatment systems. By measuring the level of dissolved solids, a TDS water tester can ensure that the water is safe, healthy, and free from harmful contaminants.
Greentest Eco 6 Gold
Easy To Use
Modern design with the intuitive interface and touch control. Portable size and weight. Quick and accurate analysis. All make the device enjoyable and convenient for daily use.
Greentest Eco 6 Gold
Multiple options are available and ready to ship.
Feel free to contact us according to your customized.

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Results are determined by parameters including but not limited to the concentrations of salts in the intracellular space, conductivity, cell membrane state, etc of the tested objects.