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Why to work with us?

We focus on Vertical Integration

We are both the trading company and manufacturer ourselves. It allows us to insure our high productive efficiency, guaranteeing our product quality. Meanwhile offering a great price point for our distributor and market explorer.

Low entry threshold and favorable conditions for new partners.

Very low minimum order quantity requirement, our clients are coming from both large retail chains and smaller-scale companies.

Mature and reliable logistic system.

Our professional shipping department has rich experience working with transportation agents worldwide. Monitoring the security of your international cargo.

Free delivery of any load within China!

Growing demand

Our ads are regularly placed in various social media, print media, and on the Internet. That is why the demand for our products is consistently growing year by-year. Choosing Greentest you will be working with a quite unique but already reputable brand.

Marketing support

We consider the success of our partners as our own, that’s why we constantly serve our partners in the best way, participate in their marketing campaigns, provide marketing subsidies and share marketing materials in different languages. We believe that growing TOGETHER is the key to success.


More than 25+ most common languages are available in our system. The number is growing while we are expanding our range of footprint worldwide.

Certification and documentation

Greentest products have all the necessary certificates of standards: ISO, CE, reports on the result effectiveness and reliability of work from Taiwan, China laboratories and many others. Greentest is also awarded with various rewards from exhibitions and competitions.