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According to WHO definition, ionizing radiation is a type of energy released by atoms that travels in the form of electromagnetic waves (gamma or X-rays) or particles (neutrons, beta or alpha). Nuclear pollution is a typical example of gamma rays ionizing radiation, which will cause significant damage to human health.

Exposure to ionizing radiation is damaging to human health. When ionizing radiation comes in contact with molecules of DNA in living cells, its energetic nature can disrupt, damage or alter the DNA. For prolonged or excess-intensity exposure can lead to mutations in DNA and produce cancers.

Building materials, a stone that is used widely in interior design, toys, and even food can emit radiation because they could be made from unsafe raw material sources.

The Purpose of Geiger Counters are to show and alarm about the high levels of ionizing radiation such as beta, gamma, E-rays, nuclear source, etc in the environment. It is an invaluable tool for evaluating a potential source of radioactivity.