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What is radiation?

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The headquarters of 深圳绿食宝科技有限公司 are in Shenzhen, Guangdong province. We are specialized in the R&D, production, and marketing of all varieties of tds meter, greentest eco, green test and geiger counter. Our products have been sold to Australia, U.K.Saudi Arabia, Romania, Emirates, Germany, etc. To show our gratitude, we actively train our employees, improve organizational efficiency, and advanced scientific management. Nevertheless, we will keep developing high-quality products. We've been able to give our customers the greatest services possibility, and we are looking forward to working with them for years to come.

Boreal Science | Portable Geiger Counter

With its compact scale meter, this affordable, portable device measures dangerous beta, gamma, and X radiation levels instantaneously. Only for Educational Purposes. Low Price. Sensor for Stainless Steel. Beta-Shielded Cesium-137 Calibration Source.

Geiger Counter: Overview, Types, Particle Detection, and Applications...

Geiger counters are among the greatest radiation-detection tools available today and have a wide range of uses, including handheld radiation surveys. The following are some uses for a Geiger Counter: finding radioactive materials and rocks during mining.

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Easy-to-use interface

The radiation detector offered by the Green test is extremely easy to use as developers have eliminated all the complications from the user interface of the device. Besides that, it can be easily connected through Bluetooth to iOS or Android devices. This portable geiger radiation detector comes with a 720mAh battery that offers over 20 hours of use time. These features make this device perfect for traveling purposes as well.

Home/portable geiger counter | For Sale | Greentest Eco 4F

Geiger counter for sale! Home/portable geiger counter, Greentest Eco 4F, can help you keep track of the radiation dose, easy to use, help you stay away from radiation hazard.

Greentest Portable Geiger Counter: A New Way to Live Healthily

Radiations can be harmful to human bodies. It doesn t only include the radiation from high-tech devices but also the radiation in our environment as well as the food items we eat. Yes, food items, including fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat, have radiation. Though this radiation is not that harmful till it is within a particular level, it can cause severe health-related issues when the radiation level exceeds the ideal parameters. While talking about eating healthy, we often mention different dimensions of food items, but less we know that the radiation of those food items also can harm our bodies. Greentest has come up with a solution to this problem. The company is now offering a geiger counter for sale so that everyone can measure the irradiation of the food items they are consuming and be conscious about that before eating. The home geiger counter offered by Greentest allows customers to measure the radiation in the environment and the food items. Before moving forward with the product itself, let s have a basic idea of what a geiger counter is to have clarity on the topic.

What is a geiger counter?

It is a specially designed electronic device that is used to detect and measure ionizing radiation. It is used in different industries, such as nuclear factories, or for radiation dosimetry and experimental physics purposes. It is also used in the agriculture industry as well to measure the particles of ionized radiations in the food items, which often gets increased due to excessive use of chemical fertilization. Greentest offers a military-level geiger counter for sale so that people can use it in their daily lives.

What is the home geiger counter offered by Greentest?

There are different types of radiation in the environment that we cannot see with the naked eye, but they coexist with us. Greentest s portable geiger counter helps users to measure those radiations in different elements, such as in the environment and in the food items. The company is offering a geiger counter for sale that allows consumers to measure ionizing radiation. This is a portable geiger counter which users can take with them anywhere to measure the radiation of the environment where they are going. This advanced technology not only helps people understand which food items they should avoid but also helps people avoid harmful environmental radiation.

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 portable geiger counter factory manufacturer supplier

Beta Gamma X-ray Portable Handheld Radiation Monitor, Battery Powered, CHNADKS Upgraded Personal Dosimeter, Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector (0.08uSv – 50mSv)

portable geiger counter factory manufacturer supplier

Bundle: MightyOhm Geiger Counter Kit

portable geiger counter

Upgraded Nuclear Radiation Detector with LCD Display, Sound Light Alert, and Portable Leolov Geiger Counter Y X-ray Personal Radiation Dosimeter with High Accuracy

With a range of 0.001 to 125 mR/hr and an accuracy of +/-10 percent, Mazur Instruments PRM-9000 Geiger Counter and Nuclear Radiation Contamination Detector and Monitor

The Huyerdo Geiger Counter Radiation Detector is a battery-operated, rechargeable device that measures radiation levels in microns. It is a portable beta-gamma X-ray radiation monitor.

Geiger Counter: Portable Geiger Counter Dosimeter for Nuclear Radiation Detection, 0.01μT ~ 999.99μT Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector

Geiger Counter Radiation Dosimeter GQ GMC-300S Digital Nuclear Radiation Detector Monitor Meter

A portable, handheld, high-accuracy beta-gamma X-ray nuclear radiation dosimeter with a backlit LCD display is the Geiger Counter nuclear radiation detector.

Geiger counter, radiation detector, high sensitivity compact personal dosimeter, radiation safety, RADEX ONE Personal RAD Safety, and software (U.S. Version)

The JD-3001 Geiger Counter is a portable dosimeter for nuclear radiation detection that measures radiation from 0.01 μT to 999.99 μT.

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B. L
GQ GMC-300S Digital Nuclear Radiation Detector Monitor Meter Geiger Counter Radiation Dosimeter

I'm not sure how sensitive it is, but I checked my surroundings, and the findings match data that has been released. I now keep it in my car so I can use it whenever I go restaurant or grocery shopping for seafood!

Brent Womack
GQ GMC-300S Digital Nuclear Radiation Detector Monitor Meter Geiger Counter Radiation Dosimeter

It continuously beeps. Is this typical? 560 CPMs was my highest reading to date. Great if it's a false reading! If not, before you read this review, I'll have passed away. Could it be that I received a defective one and require an exchange? Could you help me obtain one that might be more precise? I get concerned when the numbers rise to that point and start to taste copper pennies.

Amazon Customer
GQ GMC-300S Digital Nuclear Radiation Detector Monitor Meter Geiger Counter Radiation Dosimeter

I was isolated for my latest RAI treatment. Being able to keep an eye on my own radioactivity was fantastic!

People May Ask

What instrument detects radiation? "

" The Geiger Counterthe Geiger countersThis kind of particle detector, often known as a Geiger-Müller counter, measures ionizing radiation. Instruments like Geiger counters are typically needed to detect the presence of ionizing radiation because it is invisible and cannot be detected directly by human senses.

How much radiation is 25 mSv?

You are exposed to roughly 25 mSv of radiation during a PET/CT. This is equivalent to exposure to background radiation on average for 8 years.

What does a Geiger tube require?

0.1 atmosphere or soA G-M tube consists of a chamber that is partially filled with a ga mixture at a pressure of only 0.1 atmosphere.

What kinds of gamma detectors are there?

Pectrometer and imager are two categories into which gamma-ray detectors can be categorized. In optical astronomy, the first class is known as a pectrometer or photometer.

What kind of material does radiation penetrate?

The body as a whole is exposed to radiation risks from gamma rays. They are easily able to pass through barriers made of things like skin, clothing, and alpha and beta particles. A few inches of a dense material, like lead, or even a few feet of concrete may be needed to cover gamma rays due to their extreme penetrating strength.

How can a nuclear bomb be found?

A nuclear explosion can also be detected by air amplification; following a nuclear explosion, radioactive isotopes released into the atmosphere can be gathered by a plane. Americium-241, iodine-131, caesium-137, krypton-85, trontium-90, plutonium-239, tritium, and xenon are among the e radionuclides.

What is a cintillation counter's advantage over a geiger counter?

The cintillation counter has numerous advantages over the traditional Geiger-Müller counter in clinical practice as a gamma radiation detector. Depending on the used photophor, it is significantly more sensitive to gamma radiation.

What distinguishes the cintillation counter from the GM counter?

Cintillation Counter vs. GM CounterWhile the cintillation counter can only detect ionizing radiation, the GM counter can detect all types of radiation, including alpha, beta, and gamma rays.

What tool or gadget is used to detect gamma rays?

Radiation monitoring equipment is capable of detecting gamma rays. NN a device to detect materials that could be used in a dirty bomb or nuclear weapon, as well as a deploy radiation portal monitor.

Is a gamma radiation detector app available?

A smartphone app called GammaPixTM uses the camera to find and measure an ionizing radiation field. It is accessible for both Android and iPhone users. The software uses an analysis of a digital image taken with a smartphone camera to assess the environment's gamma-ray radiation levels.